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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Tarkett has initiated a multi-year plan to make diversity, equity and inclusion a major company focus, both internally and in collaboration with the architecture and design industry. For years, our community has been discussing the lack of diversity, equity and inclusion on its teams, but progress has been slow and intermittent. In response, Tarkett has committed to a series of initiatives over the next several years to support real and measurable change.

Tarkett has sponsored an initial research report by DesignIntelligence, detailing the current state of diversity in the architecture, engineering, construction and design industries. Additional research is planned to help determine next steps that would contribute to improving the ways we promote, recruit and retain minority groups to these design professions. Tarkett is also the national title sponsor of the Design Museum Foundation’s most recent exhibition: We Design: People. Practice. Progress. This is a multimedia exhibition celebrating a variety of creative professionals — of differing ages, genders, backgrounds, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and abilities — showcasing their unique career paths through stories and photos, along with examples of their work.

Altered States: The Future of Consciousness

As designers, we’ve all considered the impact our workplace designs have on the health and well-being of people within our spaces, and how the physical environment can facilitate a more connected, inclusive atmosphere. The Altered States CEU offers an examination of five cultural drivers and data through the lens of:

  1. The current state of the human condition
  2. Communities in flux
  3. The evolution of place

The goal is to understand the critical role of design in impacting cultural consciousness, and provide a blueprint for a happier, more connected workplace.


Several cultural shifts are impacting where the majority of design projects will be located, and what end users will expect from these new spaces. Neoculture examines how these changes are shaping American culture and values, as well as how they will be translated into the next generation of interior design.