Designing for Neurodiversity

Good design is about supporting every person who comes through the door. At Tarkett, we’re committed to understanding the unique needs of everyone in a space, so we can design better products and better experiences for all.

Neurodivergent thinkers bring a broad set of valuable skills to any organization, including analytics, creativity and innovation. With guidance from HOK, Tarkett has developed a tool to enhance the design and material selection process, helping you create more varied spaces and support a broader range of requirements and work styles.

This is Tarkett Human-Conscious DesignSM in action.

Applying What We Know

Many elements of today’s work environments can hinder the performance of neurodivergent thinkers. We’ve worked with HOK to develop an online tool that helps clients and designers understand the spectrum of sensitivity (hypersensitive to hyposensitive), and provides key thought starters on designing for a neurodiverse population. From lighting to flooring and acoustics to wayfinding, this tool elevates how we support the needs of neurodivergent people—and create safer, more inclusive spaces.

How does flooring help you design for neurodiversity?

Along with acoustics, a floor’s color, pattern, texture and wayfinding elements play a key role in supporting neurodivergent groups to improve their overall experience of the interior environment. Learn more in this presentation from the team at HOK.