Renewal Series: Hidden Arbor Candlelit Grey

A natural retreat for the senses.

Renewal Series

With visuals inspired by our outdoor wanderings, the Renewal Series is designed to calm and refresh—providing a much needed escape from the hectic rush of daily life. Thanks to Tarkett’s commitment to low TVOCs, these products do their part to support good indoor air quality—helping interior spaces feel almost like a daily stroll through the forest.

Eight patterns, from classical to modern.

Recently updated with two new patterns, these nature-inspired designs share a calming palette of 12 colorways, available in Powerbond® and/or modular carpet tile.

Ebbing Waves

As certain as the rise and fall of the tide, nature provides constant renewal. With soothing rhythmic movement, the ebb and flow of the ocean creates a sense of calm and relaxation, centering us in the present moment while replenishing our strength.

Veiled Grove

Beneath the shade of the veiled grove, we find a quiet space of retreat. Branches stretch to display their lush greenery, morning fog settles into the spaces between the trees, and birds sing of a fresh new day filled with activity, community and provision.

Hidden Arbor

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, Hidden Arbor is a plush Colorpoint pattern from the Renewal Series that emphasizes rich textural details. This soft nod to nature connects us to organic elements, without being a literal translation of biophilic design.

Fallow Ground

This mid-scale trellis design is inspired by the intricate patterning created by the mingling of fallen branches on the forest floor. As part of the Renewal Series, Fallow Ground helps create calm, restorative environments, particularly within senior living communities.

Lush Garden

By juxtaposing natural elements with geometric influence, this large-scale pattern is simultaneously lively and refined. Tessellating circles move about the floor like the woody scales of a pinecone. Pair Lush Garden with other styles from the Renewal Series to bring a natural escape to the interior.


With a softness and intriguing fluidity, Emaline is designed to come and go with a subtle flora patterning. This medium-scale, transitional pattern is one of six styles in the Renewal Series, which is inspired by our outdoor wanderings.

Idyllic Landscape

Considered the foundational pattern of the Renewal Series, Idyllic Landscape layers a small-scale geometric with just a hint of a scroll pattern to mimic the fauna of a natural landscape. This pattern is highly versatile and complements all the others designs in the collection.

Native Flora

A canopy of fauna overlays a textural field, creating a playful interaction between light and shadow. As part of the Renewal Series, this calming, restorative visual emphasizes our innate connection to nature and brings a sense of holistic well-being.

Tailored treatments

We’ve also identified five tufted broadloom patterns that coordinate flawlessly with the Renewal Series, and can be tailored with your unique color selections. Click on a swatch below to begin your color selections in the online visualizer.

B20050 - Tufted Broadloom
B20029 - Tufted Broadloom
B20006 - Tufted Broadloom swatch
B20055 - Tufted Broadloom swatch
P0030 - Tufted Broadloom swatch