Defiant Oil and Grease Resistant Tile
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Defiant Oil and Grease Resistant Tile

Formerly Johnsonite

When you’re faced with the challenge of an environment where oil and grease are factors–auto shops, food preparation areas, cafeterias–you need flooring that can look great and still maintain safety standards. Defiant is specially engineered to resist motor and cooking oils and other petroleum products, animal and vegetable fats. That saves on maintenance and replacement costs and reduces slip/fall risks. Meets ASTM specifications D 471 for Oil and Grease Resistance. Requires no additional waxing or sealing.

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Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Classification: Rubber Floor Tile (ASTM F1344)
Total thickness: 0.125 " (3.18 mm)
Installation method: Glue-Down
Pattern: Solid, Speckled, Marbleized
Format Type: Tile
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Technical and environmental specifications
Understand Defiant Oil and Grease Resistant Tile