Trentino Starry Sky 509
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Lino Acoustiflor xf²™ - Trentino Starry Sky 509

Formerly Johnsonite
There are times when you seek peace and quiet. Lino Acoustiflor envelops sound with a 1.3 mm polyurethane foam under layer that reduces noise and offers greater thermal installation and comfort. A proprietary xf2 finish provides superior surface protection and easy maintenance. Lino Acoustiflor is available in six sparkling organic colors that perfectly match their non-acoustic counterpart.

Discover this product's environmental attributes and its contribution to LEED at ecomedes.

Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Surface treatment: xf²
Impact sound transmission: 59 IIC
Total thickness: 0.150 " (3.80 mm)
Installation method: Glue-Down
Pattern: Trentino
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Technical and environmental specifications
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