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Melodia - Melodia 3.0 Rock Pool 0773

Formerly Johnsonite
Like a perfectly-composed song, Melodia 3.0 vinyl flooring is a harmonized blend of durability, economy and aesthetics. Its tough, UV-cured polyurethane surface treatment and solid homogeneous construction sustain color and pattern over the long haul. The non-directional design and color palette coordinate with the Aria Collection to create spaces in harmony with the needs of healthcare, education and other high traffic segments. The versatility of tiles allows each floor to be a unique design.
Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Surface treatment: Polyurethane - Reinforced
Total thickness: 0.080 " (2 mm)
Wear layer thickness: 0.080 " (2 mm)
Installation method: Glue-Down
Pattern: Melodia 3.0
Tile (3 ref.)
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Technical and environmental specifications
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